SANE - solo show 2010


SANE - solo exhibition
25 June to 23 July 2010 Sane - at the Albion Street Gallery Surry Hills, NSW Australia

Animal Farm meets modern politics in quirky collage-style prints (Time Out Sydney)
...crisp and engaging (editor Art Monthly Australia)

A Spanish Interior

An English Woman Went in Search of Her America (Dusty Springfield)

3 Girls 3 Guns and A Hand in Your Skirt

Hang On - Not Yet

I Like to Walk Alone & Gather My Thoughts


Get Off The Fucking Roof

Up Yer Skirt

Blades & Hands
I'll Make You a Deal - Like Any Other Candidate

The Waggish Muscian

What You See Is...Is

Look! Anthrax


Pod Parking

Not Without My Duck

Natural Selection

If I Had A Hammer

 Sing No Sad Songs - America is Always a Train Wreck Waiting To Happen

The Director's Cut

Time's Up (In Search of the Golden Fleece)

 Hands on Chicken

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  1. I have never seen these ones before. Do you still have them? I love them.

    1. Really? that's a bummer, it was such a good show. the prints were of mostly 25 each so there are some to spare and I have a bunch, but not all in a folder. I'll bring it to the cafe - what fun. A cxo